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How do the projector work? Let's know some interesting things

How do the projector work? Let's know some interesting things

Hello friends, friends In our old age, blackboards were used in our school, but today's time has changed and new technologies are evolving, so projectors are also used in school and college, but friends are you Ever thought that this is the projector, how does it work, after all what is inside it that can show video on such a big screen, then f For friends know that without a time, but before that if you have not followed us yet, then follow us by clicking on the button below.

In a simple language, the projector is a device that we can use to view the video or photo on the big screen, inside it, some circuit motherboards, some lenses, a color wheel, a high relay light and protection. A large screen, the first projector in the world was invented by Charles Franck-en's Jenkins in 1894, and that time did not include sound in the projector Was used to be in the old projector, only the video was played with big light and the voice was played separately, and if seen today the projectors are quite different, in which new technologies are used, so today's projectors There are three types.

D.L.P technology is dependent on an optical semiconductor i.e. above a DMD chip, which has a complete form of digital micro mirror device, and you can not imagine that a DMD Chief is made of some Millennium Trinity Mirror, and in a DMD chip There are many types of sets, and this can be changed to any color, in general, R.G.B, red green and blue color are used in the projector.

Now, the L-CD projector i.e. liquid crystal display projector, this is the best result of the slide projector and overhead projector, it is used for video projecting, the light goes through the metal light in this projector which goes to the mirror After that, the light goes through the mirror and reaches the color wheel passing through the L-CD panel, then the collier wheel changes into color and after that we see the video through the lens.

CRT i.e. cathode ray tube is the largest and most used projector, there is no limited number of pictures in this projector, there are three light tubes in which the image is created, hence the projector also provides high definition picture quality. But the problem is that it is very big and needs a person to run it, and its parts Electricity come expensive, so do not buy a thing of all bus.

Now if comparing me, then all these projectors, then I think the D.L.P projector is better because, who is the best in the LCD projector, the weight is very high, the problem of dust is high, it needs to be cleaned every 300 hours. Because, due to light, the LCD panels are quickly damaged due to light, hence there is a limited time, the biggest problem is Dust due to the image quality is 50% lighter.

If you talk about the D.L.P projector, the filters are free design, there is no problem with the air filter, the Hi Contest can be seen, the weight is much less than the Lifetime LCD projector, and there is no problem of dust, Talking about the price, it is cheaper than an LCD projector, friends may have come to know how the projector works, thank you for staying connected. Have a nice day.
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