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Be aware of Holi, these dangers

Be aware of Holi, these dangers.

Hello friends, Friends, on the occasion of Holi, the new wave in the heart of everyone, everybody wants to do something new, who played Holi with his family, who does not like it, on this day the enemies also become friends, and we all use colors to express our love for celebrating this golden day, but friends, do you know that the danger lies in these dangers, then Friends read on below.

Friends, everyone likes the colors, but in today's time there are some companies that make such colors which are dangerous to use, then friends are asking you to use the colors you have made with hands.

There are some people who do not like color anymore, if someone does not want to be included in your happiness then do not coerce them, and anyway Holi is a festival of happiness, then do not make it memorable for anybody as the worst day .

Even though India is a free country, but there are some people who do not get a holiday even on the occasion of Holi, and they are going to their work in the morning, do not color them at all, their clothes are not bad Also note that the color should not be seen in anybody's eyes, celebrate with joy and enjoy Holi, hope you have liked this article, thank you for joining us, your day is auspicious.
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